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We have a wide range of cues in stock, either 2 piece or 3/4 jointed. 

Prices range from: $65.00 up to $680.00

Looking for a great cue that wont break the bank!!

We are 'Exclusive' stockists of Taylor Made cues and have  great range available

"Gary Taylor – owner, designer and producer of Taylor Made cues has 30 years of experience making cues for players of all standards, including the cue used by Stuart Bingham when he won the 2015 World Snooker Championship. 

Taylor Made professional grade cues are the pinnacle of snooker cue craftsmanship.

The best Ash is purchased and graded for the straightness of the grain and density; they are then left to air dry before being cut into cue sized pieces which are again left to air dry. The Ash is then turned into the basic shape of a cue before being graded for whip, type of grain, straightness of grain and density, once again they are left to air dry.

Ebony is then spliced to the Ash, and rare exotic hardwood splices are added, another air drying in the naturally warm climate of Spain before the cues are shipped to the UK for a final grading. The cues are then finished in the UK by professional craftsmen, a beeswax & oil finish is applied to give a silky-smooth finish, and an Elk Master Pro tip is added.

Only 10% of the Ash selected is deemed good enough to make it through to the UK for finishing and sale, ensuring that the cue you buy is the best on the market.

Variations in design/colouring can occur as each cue is individually made so please be aware of this when purchasing"

All cues are:

  • 58" 3/4 jointed cue suitable for snooker or pool
  • Grade A Ash shaft -air dried, perfectly straight and stiff with 'excellent' arrows
  • Fitted with 9.5mm Elk Master PRO trip - shaped ready for play
  • Brass ferrule
  • Solid brass quick release vacuum joint
  • Superbly balanced
  • Brass extension joint in the butt with mini butt included in price

Taylor Made WHORL Solid Ebony and Ash Hand Spliced Snooker Cue & Mini butt

  • 4-point hand spliced Ebony butt
  • Stunning 4-point hand spliced Satinwood topped with Sycamore veneers
  • Ebony front splice topped with Sycamore veneer
  • Weights available: 18.7 oz - 19.4 oz -18.9 oz

$285.00 inc GST

Taylor Made ELEGANCE Solid Ebony and Ash Hand Spliced Snooker Cue & Mini Ext

  • 4-point hand spliced solid Ebony butt
  • 4-point Ebony splices topped with Sycamore veneers
  • Additional Ebony front splice topped with Sycamore veneer

Weights available: 19.2 and 19.4 oz

$285.00 inc GST

Taylor Made Pro Grade Hand Made Ash Snooker Cue BOCOTE & SATIN Splices

  • Professional grade hand turned Ash shaft – graded throughout the construction for straightness of the grain, density and whip
  • 4-point hand spliced Ebony
  • 4-point hand spliced Satin wood topped with Sycamore veneers
  • 4-point hand spliced Bocote topped with Sycamore veneers
  • Exquisite balance
  • Solid brass extension joint in the butt – mini butt included
  • Weights available: 20 oz and 18.7 oz

$480.00 inc GST

Black/yellow 3/4 leatherette cue case


Black/white leatherette 3/4 cue case



Black/blue arrow hard 3/4 case


Brown Tobacco leather effect 3/4 cue case


Black or silver aluminium 3/4 cue case


Riley Hand   Spliced Ronnie O'Sullivan MASTERS L8 World Champion Steel Series Ash cue.

$690.00  -  inc GST

Includes:  6" mini butt, 12" extension

This is one of the finest cues Ronnie has helped design.  This cue is a limited edition.  Made from premium materials to the highest of standards, it is a true pleasure to play with.

The L8 shaft produced by Riley is perhaps the most significant step forward in cue technology for many years.  Manufactured from 8 individual pieces of Ash and laminated together for extra strength, these shafts deliver less deflection and increased cue power to players of all levels.


  • Premium Ash snooker cue with 3/4 joint
  • L8 Shaft - 8 pieces of Ash laminated to make the ultimate playing shaft
  • 57" in length
  • 9.5mm Elk tip
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • Stainless steel rapid release joint
  • 4 point hand spliced dark stained Maple butt
  • Each cue comes with unique serial number
  • 6" & 15" extensions

Price  -  $690.00 inc GST

 Riley Black hard 2pc & extension cue case  - $100.00


  • Holds a 2 pc snooker or pool cue - maximum shaft length 75cm
  • Specific areas for extensions
  • Measures 81cm x 10cm x 5cm
  • Will not hold a push on extension

2pc Tubular cases  -  $50.00

Cases hold 1 x 2 pc cue.  Lightweight and well constructed.

Colours available:  Silver/Black  -  Red/Black  -  Pink/Black

Adjustable 'over the shoulder' strap

Aramith 2" Premier Casino balls  - were $160.00 now $80.00 a set

Set consists of 7 red and 7 yellow 2" pool balls with an Aramith 8 ball.  White ball is spotted and is 1 7/8".

These are top quality pool balls at economy prices. 

Introducing Top of the Range  -  Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro 1G snooker balls  - normally $584.00  -                  special price of $480.00

These are a phenolic resin ball and are used at all the top events around the world.  They are a perfectly matched weighed set (standard Tournament Champions can be a 3 gram tolerance).  They are 2 1/16" size and come in the shiny silver carry case.


Silver aluminium push on telescopic extension  -  $70.00


  • 29" long and extends to 41"
  • Durable high quality metal construction with secure collar lock
  • Weighs 400g

Elk-Pro Tips  - 

& Triangle-Pro Chalk

Elk-Pro Tips are a professional version of the ever popular Elk Master tip.  They were developed for the more serious players who like the characteristics of the Elk Master tip but are looking for greater consistency. 

They are manufactured to an unprecedented tolerance of shape and hardness by the worlds most respected tip makers, Tweeten Fibre co in the USA.


  • Made using hand selected leather from the prime portion of the hide
  • New enhanced treatment processes eliminate impurities and ensure total saturation of the leather
  • Pressed into shape using a new technique to improve consistency of shape
  • Incredible grip and chalk adhesion
  • Perfect partner for Triangle-Pro chalk

Triangle-Pro chalk is the professional version of the worlds most popular snooker chalk.  Triangle-Pro is a no expense spared chalk with added ingredients to increase friction and cue ball control even further, creating a smooth feel with incredible grip.  Produced by Tweeten Fibre Co in the USA.

Here's your chance to have 1 x Elk-Pro tip and 1 block of Triangle-Pro chalk  for $30.00

In stock:

Soft 10mm

Medium 10mm

Talisman Pro Tips  -  $15 per tip

Talisman Billiards have had many years of experience in making layered cue tips.  Following extensive experimentation with glue mixtures and production techniques the company invested heavily in the latest technological machinery to produce this extremely popular tip.  Since it was discovered by many top professionals its popularity has increased further.

In stock:

Soft 10mm

Medium 10mm

Medium 11mm

SALE  **  SALE **  SALE  **  SALE

Peradon Halo 2 pc cue case was $130 now $100

Holds 1 x 2 pc cue


We have the following Riley ROS (Ronnie O'Sullivan) endorsed range of cues in stock:

Riley Ronnie O`Sullivan REBEL 2pc Ash Snooker Cue & MINI EXT – 9mm Elk Tip  -  $200 inc GST

Ronnie has helped with the design of his new Riley cue range, which aims to give players a combination of performance with value and ultimately help to improve their game.


  • 57” 2 piece centre jointed cue
  • Performance Ash shaft (not matching Ash)
  • 9mm Elkmaster leather `stick-on tip` – domed ready to play
  • Brass ferrule
  • Ebonised 4 point butt
  • Stained genuine Ash front splice
  • Cream & black decal veneer
  • Spiral Brass joint
  • Precision inlay Riley ROS badge
  • New ROS logo on butt
  • Leather butt end protector
  • Quick release 6” matching mini butt extension
  • Each cue has a unique serial number

Exclusive! Ronnie O’Sullivan Replica Snooker CUE, EXTENSION & HARD CASE SET

2pc cue with 9" extension & case  -  $260 inc GST

cue only  -  $160 inc GST

This cue is a replica of one of Ronnie O’Sullivans cues and is not available from anyone else! Suitable for both snooker and pool.

Ronnie encourages players to participate in the sport in which he excels- he has been involved in the design of these 2 piece cues, demanding the best Ash to give the best possible performance.


  • 57” 2 piece cue with centre joint – butt and shaft same length
  • Premium matching Ash grain shaft
  • Brass ferrule with 9.5mm leather stick-on tip
  • Ebonised 4 point butt with Ronnie logo
  • Maple inlay with black and white veneers
  • Brass Rapid Release joint System (RRS)
  • Riley Smart Extender extension
  • Rubber butt protector
  • Each cue has a Riley holographic sticker with a unique serial number
  • Butt inset with a Steel Riley logo
  • Riley Smart Extender Case (if applicable)