Heaphy Billiards 

Andy & Ange's big UK adventure

On the 1st of August this year we closed Heaphy Billiards for 3 weeks to allow us to travel overseas.  Part of our trip was to visit our suppliers and find new ones.  We had a great time and enjoyed our stay in the UK plus found new exciting suppliers - so keep an eye out for our new range of cues and cases and other accessories.

A W Hainsworth -  Hainsworth cloth manufacturers

As most of you are aware, we fit Hainsworth cloth to all tables.  So it was great  to see how it was made.

Hainsworth have been  providing quality wool based items for over 230 years to the Royal family and other markets around the world.  They also make the material for fire, police and military uniforms, transportation fabrics, interiors and many other industries. 

We were lucky enough to have a guided tour around the mill by Jill who works in the leisure side of Hainsworth.  We saw the large bales of NZ wool in there inwards goods stores waiting to be turned into cloth and other wool related items that they make (beautiful wool coffins was one item to mention along with the softest wool blankets).

Andy got to talk to the people who make the cloth and saw the detailed process that it takes to make baize (its official name). 


Peradon  -  Liverpool

We have been dealing with Paul and purchasing cues etc from Peradon for many years, so it was nice to put names to faces when we visited the factory.  Paul showed us the stack of timber (American Ash like we use for tables), they get in and quite a bit of it is rejected, so only the finest timbers get selected for cues.  We watched cues made from start to finish - my favourite is the Mayfair.

Left to right:  Peter Clare, Paul from Peradon, Andy & Ange

Rod Stewart's billiard  table that Peradon are doing up for him.

What was even more exciting was Peter Clare (son of the founder of EA Clare/Thurstons) showed us around what is believed to be the biggest collection of snooker memorabilia in the world.Here are a couple of photos that I took, but, take the time to go to the website and see for yourself. 

This is a 10ft octagonal pool table built specifically for a bay window.

Classic kiwi made pool table.

Check out this link to go to the Thurstons Snooker Museum:


Northern Snooker Centre

This is apparently the biggest snooker centre in England.  Located in Leeds it has 27 billiard tables including Star and Riley.  A couple of the tables are covered in Hainsworth Precision cloth* - the ULTIMATE in billiard cloths.

There's so many pictures on the walls, but I wasnt allowed to take any more photos due to the World Billiard tournament on at that time.  I was told off for using a flash, :( 


to see more about this fabulous place, visit:


and finally...............



Yes, that place that is the epitome of Snooker.  Nothing much to be seen here at this time of year, but, they did have this fascinating elephant that has been painted like a billiard table and has been signed by all the top players.  Its going to be auctioned along with all the others in the city. 

This is the view from the bottom, then you get

The view from the ground where the players would stand.  Apparently there's the same number of seats as there is the lights you can see.