Heaphy Billiards 

Saw this awesome old garage in Ormondville recently

Just for a change, made an outdoor table.  Slab of macrocarpa split in two, then laminated a section of NZ Oak into, perfect match and blinkin heavy.  Legs are old fence posts - all native timbers

How many of you have/or blamed the spots for balls falling off them?  The following shows you how chalk builds up underneath these spots and causes the above problem - not the spots.  So the professionals play with out spots on TV! BUT - they also dont have to pay for the cloth and it gets changed OFTEN!

To fix this problem, simply use the palm of your hand and gently knead the cloth back and forwards until its diminished.

This is a billiard table cloth turned upside down one its removed to show you the chalk build up. 


Tapered leg 7ft pool table, stained in Mirotone Mediterranean

We vacuumed a section of table before removing the cloth to show you how much dust can accumulate underneath the baize.  We recommend vacuuming at least twice a year.  Remember tho, always vacuum the length of the table as per brushing.

8ft Tapered leg model table.  American Ash timber, Black stained.  Royal Blue cloth.  This table had bag nets

Just some of the great 'Heaphy Billiards' shirts out there. 

Some legends of the game - on and off the table.  Andy, Dale, Lloyd and John.  Taken February 2019 at the Havelock North Club.

3 of our 'hire' pool tables at the Takaro Sports Club in Palmerston North.  Enquire as to our charges and terms of supply. 

We recently fitted a "Breakers logo" branded cloth to the pool table at the Napier location.  They were extremely happy with how it turned out.  I personally thought it was a challenge but Andy got it perfect matching up the cushion cloth with the bed cloth.

We can get any picture or design you want printed onto cloth - please enquire thru our contact us page for costs etc. 

Masterton Cossie Club  -  6 Billiard tables dismantled 9/10 January 2017

A sad part of our job is dismantling tables from clubs that have closed down.  This room was the Masterton Cossie Club's snooker area.  They had 6 billiard tables and 5 pool tables. 

These are the cues that have been left behind probably for years by members of the Cossie Club in Masterton.  Attempts have been made to find the owners but sadly many have passed on or moved away.  If you think you have a cue there from a family member, please email us and I will forward on some contact names/numbers.

The Ballroom is a pool and snooker lounge located in Courtney Place Wellington.  They have 11 7ft coin operated pool tables and around 25 9ft tables.  They are a fully licensed premises and open every day.

Check them out when you are in Wellington next



9ft American Ash pool table

This group of happy pool players are from Summerset Aotea and purchased this second hand table off us a few years ago


Some of the same helpers came back to help with the installation of their new 8ft table June 2015


The "Billiard Room" located at the Museum Hotel in Wellington 

Recently we were proud to be asssociated with installing two billiard tables into a converted storeroom located inside the hotel.  This was the vision that  Kerry & Jane pictured below had.                                     


The chandeliers were hand made from old decanters and look amazing. 

On the official opening night, Chris Parkin  owner of the Museum Hotel in Wellington, inspired our Prime Minister - John Key to pot a ball off the break and he did! The various guests including  Barry Soper were extremely impressed at our Prime Ministers skills and  announced this on his radio spot that week that PM had done this and has also landed a hole in one in golf for a charity tournament netting the charity of his choice extra money.  Well done Mr Key!        

 Pictured left to right:  Andy, John Key, Chris Parkin, Jane & Kerry

Flagstaffs made by Andy and on this occasion used for Malaya Veterans’ Day commemorations at Parliament September 2012.


Andy got to hold the Ranfurly Shield when it came to CHB in 2014, sadly tho he jinxed the Otago team that played Hawkes Bay.



Saw this chap amongst hundreds of others on an exercise in Pahiatua.  Turned out to be a local CHB person.

Waipawa's band rotunda all built by volunteers from CHB.    Heaphy Billiards contributed by making the spire which sits at at the top.  What a great asset for CHB

Local legends "Sir Duke" have a free concert on a Sunday during summer.  Great way to spend an afternoon listening to great music. 

"Rolling Stones tour" 2006

(view from the converted billiard room of the stage being constructed) 

We were asked to install a billiard table into a corporate box at Wellingtons Westpac Stadium for the Rolling Stones to play on.  Andy had just spent 250 hours restoring an old Wright Ranish & Co table which had originally been destined for the rubbish dump.  It restored beautifully.   Sadly, the table didnt fit all that well into the room due to the size of both the table and the room, but members of the band were all very impressed with the table and were seen playing as the warm up band were performing. 

Apparently Ronnie Woods is very good friends with Steve Davis and have regular battles.  You can read all about how Steve and Ronnie met on our Facebook page.

Sadly, we didnt get to meet the Stones themselves, but did gather up many mementos from the room the next day.