Recovering of pool and billiard tables:

Recovering is generally done on site.  Cloth is replaced on the cushions and bed of table (slate or chipboard).  Slate is checked for imperfections, filled and sanded smooth.   In some instances, cushion rubber has come loose, so we ensure this is re-glued back onto the blocks.  

For coin op tables, a thorough check over of the ball running system and coin mechanism is carried out to ensure the table is working correctly.  

For tables with nets/rails/leathers, we check that these are securely fitted.

We only fit quality cloth, this is purely because we don't want you ringing us in a year or two to say the cloth has worn out (unless it has had ALOT of play).   Cheaper options are exactly that and don't last as long.     


** Please note:  When cloth is being fitted to your full size billiard table, make sure the table fitter does not cut the cloth in the middle pockets This is not recommended by the cloth manufacturers and is a result of poor workmanship. 


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Re-rubbering of pool and billiard tables:

Cushions 'lost' their bounce? then it may be time to have them re-rubbered!

This is a specialist job that is done at our factory.

Unfortunately, the cloth that had been on them cannot be refitted, so, new cloth has to be fitted.

Now would be a good time to have your table recovered.

Enquire today about the cost of re-rubbering your pool table.


Dismantling and re-assembly of pool and billiard tables:**

If you are thinking of purchasing a pool or billiard table off trade me, we can advise on how to dismantle it and transport it if you are wanting to do this on your own.

If you are wanting us to do this for you, then we have had considerable experience in dismantling, transporting and re-assembling pool and billiard tables all over New Zealand.  We have a very large van which we fit all table components into.

** Please note:  It might pay to ring us first if you want us to pick up a table you are considering purchasing off Trade Me to check that we are available to do have the time available to do this for you.  We cannot guarantee that we will have time to drive to a location and dismantle a table when it needs to be done.   

 Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  Our advice is free 

Levelling tables:

While we have the best level available, on occasions, getting a table 100% level is not achievable due to the construction of your table.  Every endeavour is taken to get your table as level as possible.


Shifting pool and billiard tables:

While its not ideal to shift billiard tables, or tables that have more than 1 piece of slate,  we do have special hydraulic trolleys that evenly pick up a billiard table which then can be shifted from one side of a room to another. Not from one room to another unless you have extremely large doors.  Perfect for that new carpet job!!  

Moving a billiard table by placing large sections of timber and the local rugby team lifting on each end isn't advisable as the joins in the slate can be very easily disrupted by the different lifts people will give, these 4 - 5 sections of slate can chip off small amounts of slate which will then sit underneath your cloth and over time cause disruption to the balls or in some instances, small holes could appear. Worse case scenario - a slate might get broken.


Purchasing a second hand table: 

If you like the look of a table on Trade Me, or know of one privately for sale, dont hesitate to contact us and find out what you need to know about the table that you are interested in.   Below are listed a few questions that you could ask the seller.  On occasions the seller is unaware of the answers but to save disappointment in your choice, give us a ring or email and we can assist you with your purchase. 


What do I look for in a pool or billiard table?  

  • Is the table manufactured by a reputable firm, please note we do not import Chinese brands or American large pocket pool tables, general consensus is people just dont want them.
  • Is it constructed of solid timber or custom wood veneer 
  • Does it have adjustable feet for leveling
  • Are the pocket fittings brass or aluminium or solid cushion surround
  • How old is it, does it need the cushion rubber replaced - ie; is there any bounce off the cushions??
  • Are there any missing parts, ie, face plates, skirtings or buttons?
  • Does the woodwork have any scratches or dents?
  • How many pieces of slate are there and are any cracked?
  • How worn is the cloth?  -  On occasions the cloth has been turned over but looks great in photos.
  • Does it run true
  • Check the length. Slate size or over all length (cushions are normally around 70mm outside the slate area each end and side
  • How thick is the slate
  • What comes with the table ie balls, cues, triangle, brush, score board etc

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Full re-tipping and ferrule service available.  Either on site or send it to us and we will courier it back to you.